What to Look for in a Professional Pet Care Provider

Author: Peggie Arvidson-Dailey
Source: articleage.com

More and more people are jumping on the “pet-care bandwagon” which is a testament to the amount of money Americans are spending on their millions of pets.
I’m committed to helping pet-lovers have great experiences with their pet-care providers – so, I’ll share some things that you should be aware of that differentiate professional pet-care providers from hobbyists. Hobbyists think that pet-care is an easy way to make a few bucks. Professionals are in business for the long-haul and realize that making money is not easy.

Here are 11 concepts to keep in mind when researching pet-care providers.
1. Professionals have a back-up plan. Because they consider themselves business owners, they have procedures and plans in, diamond kitty, place to accommodate all the pets in their care – even if, diamond kitty, they get a flat tire, have a personal emergency, or catch the flu. As you interview pet-care providers make sure you understand, and are comfortable with their ‘back-up’ plans.

2. Professionals are prepared. Any pet-care business owner has had their share of ‘emergencies.’ These range in scope from dealing with a deceased pet to dealing with keys that don’t work. Make sure your pet-care provider has a process for dealing with any issues that may come up.
3. Professionals never overbook. Find out how many visits your pet-care provider makes on an average day – then do the math. Ask your pet-sitter to be realistic about how many trips they can make each day in order to ensure your pet is getting visited for the length of time you’ve contracted.

No pet-sitter starts out wanting to short-change their clients, but sometimes during busy seasons, in an effort to serve all the clients who make requests, they may be forced to shorten visits. If you are booking for visits during busy times, be aware of this.
4. Professionals recognize their value. It’s tough to make a living in this business, and many pet-sitters start out with the goal of helping as many pets as possible. However, the cost of running the business often can run a great pet-sitter out of business if they are not charging enough for the value they provide.

5. Professionals use a contract. In order to protect you as well as the business, pet-care professionals have a contract that details their responsibilities while you’re gone. It’s important to spend time reading the document and ensuring that both you and your pet-care provider are clear on what’s expected, and, what’s NOT expected. I’ve heard of pet-sitters who trim nails, clip fur and provide ‘extras.’ This is great, as long as you expect your dog to be trimmed when you return home.
6.Professionals put the well-being of the pet, diamond kitty, above all else.

As a pet-care business owner, my goal is that when you come home your pet is happy and healthy. For that reason, we do not remove dogs from their home, let them roam free or transport them in packs. Even if it’s something you would do!
7.Professionals have their business in order. Ensure that your pet-care provider has the appropriate insurance and business license required to provide service in your area. I recently heard a story about a person who had to cut their vacation short, because the friend who was caring for their house left the water running over night and flooded the finished basement – where the kitties lived! Luckily the kitties were okay, but the clean up was expensive a the destruction was fairly extensive.

8.Professionals spend time educating themselves on topics related to business and pet-care. A pet-care business owner should be up-to-date on pet-care first aid as well as issues affecting business owners in their jurisdiction.
9. Professionals are easy to talk to and are happy to communicate with you – even when you have a less than great experience. They are in business for the long-haul and are committed to, diamond, diamond kitty, kitty, addressing your needs and concerns.
10. Professionals provide real-life references.

They have a list of testimonials in their marketing materials and are happy to provide you with names and contact information of happy customers.
11. Professionals take pride in their profession! They never bad-mouth other pet-care professionals either by name or association.
Whether you’ve just added a new puppy to your home and need someone to provide midday walks and potty breaks, or you’re planning your first trip since adopting your kitten, keep these tips in mind as you interview professional pet-care providers.

Peggie Arvidson-Dailey is the owner of Peggie’s Pet Services (one of her region’s BEST Pet-Care companies selected by The Washingtonian Magazine. She’s also the Pets in the City Columnist for The Del Ray Sun and an engaging and lively speaker on topics related to the love affair between dogs and their humans. She’s an advocate for happy and healthy homes for all species and is eager to assist in creating them. If you want a monthly dose of tips and golden nuggets of information on living with and caring for your pet throughout his life, be sure to subscribe to “The Care of Pets” e-zine at http://www.

peggiespets.com. If you’re a pet-care business owner interested in taking your business to the next level, be sure to visit http://www.petcareuniversity.com.
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Women’s Guide to Getting Their Dream Diamond Engagement Ring

Author: Denny Reinke
Source: articlecity.com

How can women get their dream diamond engagement ring when it is the boyfriend making the purchase and wanting it to be a surprise? To find the answer you need to understand your man’s thought process. After all, he, diamond kitty, is shopping for a diamond, the symbol of his love for you.

The man shopping for an engagement diamond has three primary shopping priorities:

1) They want to make a good investment

2) They want to make you happy

3) They fear disappointing you or worse yet, rejection

On all three points, men act out of fear of making a mistake.

Their pride and desire to surprise their girlfriend typically prohibit them from asking the woman’s advice. As men so often do, they try to apply logic to what is a very emotional decision.

Most men attack diamond shopping the same as any other problem they face. They research the subject, gather all the facts (often in a spreadsheet), and then make a logical decision. They assume you will have the same priorities they have so they focus on what will be a good investment. They seek a high quality diamond fearing that anything less will as somehow imply some lower level of love.

The man’s first stop is often the jewelry store in the closest shopping mall, diamond kitty, . They walk in the door and realize they just entered a world foreign to them. They look at rings in the display cases and see more zeros in the price tag than they have seen since they bought their car. Their heart starts pounding as they realize they have to spend thousands of dollars on a tiny little rock they know nothing about, then give it away to someone else or worse yet, face rejection.

Now their legs are shaking so they decide they need to do more research and do it in a friendlier environment.

They head home, turn on the computer, and start searching online for clues on how to survive the diamond buying process. Their goal is to find a pretty ring their girlfriend will like and have a few dollars left in their pocket. They feel more comfortable with the discussions of the four C’s (color, clarity, carat weight and cut) where they can match up those letter grades with their budget to find some possible options. However, with a little knowledge comes the sinking feeling that there is a whole lot more for them to learn in order to protect themselves from making an expensive mistake.

They become even more determined not to make a mistake so they spend the next weeks and months gathering ever fact and opinion they can find on diamond buying. It is almost like trying to get a drink from a fire hydrant. There is just too much to drink in.

It is at this stage of the shopping process men sometimes forget the reason they started on this adventure in the first place. They can lose sight of the fact that their primary goal is to make their girlfriend happy.

If you are a woman, by now you are probably getting the picture.

However, you are asking yourself, what should, diamond kitty, I do to help ensure the diamond of my dreams and the proposal moment as romantic as I hope?

Here are some suggestions that, diamond kitty, can help make your dreams come true:

1) Do some shopping yourself so you can tell your boyfriend what shape of diamond you like best on your finger, diamond kitty, . Do not leave it up to him to guess wrong.

2) If you sense this is going to be mostly a surprise gift, drop some subtle hints about what kind of mounting (solitaire, side stones, etc.

) you want for your diamond. If you do not know, hint you want something very simple so he does not make an expensive mistake.

3) If you have a strong preference for the type of metal in the ring (yellow gold, white gold, platinum), find a way to tell him.

4) If you have the type of relationship that supports it, get involved in the diamond buying process. There are more couples shopping together for the engagement ring now than ever before and the result is often higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress.

Many couples now shop together so the boyfriend knows what shape of diamond the girlfriend likes, knows what style of mounting she likes and then he takes that knowledge to buy the ring on his own timetable and make the presentation a surprise.

The bottom line is your man is trying, to the best of his ability, to do all the right things to make you happy. You just need to be patient and try to appreciate the effort he is making on your behalf. If you would like to see this diamond gift giving repeated, then by all means tell him how proud you are of his research show him how much you love that sparkling diamond on your finger.

Diamond Engagement Rings Options

Author: MA Ron
Source: ezinearticles.com

Princess cut, marquise, oval, square: there are so many diamond engagement ring options, it is best to get to know a little about a ring before you buy one.

The cut of the diamond is the first and most important of all diamond engagement rings options. Many women are particular about the type of cut they will wear, simply out, diamond kitty, of preference. Some women will tell you that size doesn’t matter, but when it comes to the cut being noticed, size does matter.

If your diamond is any less than a quarter of a carat, the cut of the diamond will generally be indiscernible. This is due to the fact that any less than a quarter of a carat is so small in stature that the cut itself will not be noticed. The intricacies of the cut of a diamond will be clearer if the size of the diamond is larger. This is not to say you should get a 3 carat diamond in order for the cut to be seen. Simply larger than a quarter carat will suffice, the, diamond kitty, size is completely up to you.

More women are, diamond kitty, particularly drawn to the marquise cut than any other cut. The marquise is a diamond shaped cut, and is multifaceted for more sparkle and shine than all other cuts. For this cut, a quarter carat is sufficient to see detail. Princess cut is the second most popular cut when it comes to diamond engagement rings options. The shape is cut into a square or rectangle, and is face up in the setting, diamond kitty, . The profile from the side appears as an inverted pyramid and has all the sides beveled for added brilliance.

The type of setting is just as important as the cut of the diamond,, diamond kitty, as it will hold the gorgeous stone. Prong settings are the most popular due to the fact that they allow light to enter beneath the diamond and allow the brilliance and color to shine through. As with any diamond, when light is shone into the center, a beautiful array of colors will be seen. This is done by using prong settings. A traditional prong setting has 6 prongs of normal height in order to allow enough light to be cast beneath the diamond, while still keeping the stone close to the finger.

Tall prong settings will allow the diamond to sit high on the hand while allowing more light to be shone through beneath, for a brighter and whiter looking diamond. There are 4 prong eternity bands, where diamonds are set in 4 prongs all the way around a band, and this is normally bought in conjunction with the engagement ring as the wedding band. Common prong settings are very commonly seen, where each diamond is set in 2 prongs and sharing a prong with the next diamond to the side. This allows the diamonds to be set next to one another with the appearance of nothing blocking the view between each stone.

Regardless of the diamond engagement rings options you choose, the overall effect is what you want to be so spectacular. Experiment with different settings and see which you like the best. Your local jeweler can aid you with your choices.

Custom designed Diamond Engagement Rings direct from the New York Diamond District. Wholesale Diamond Jewelry to the public.

The Four C’s You Need To Know When Purchasing Your Diamond

Author: Sue Jan
Source: isnare.com

If you are thinking of purchasing a diamond, you must check out the four criteria that diamonds are graded by, namely the, diamond kitty, color, cut, clarity and carat of the diamond.

A diamond with no color allows maximum light to pass through it, therefore this type of diamond is usually preferred for its sparkle. On the color grading scale, diamonds graded D, E, and F mean they have no color. G, H, and I diamonds have very little color. J, K, and L mean that the diamond is a slight yellow color.

P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, and X diamonds have, diamond kitty, a darker shade of yellow. Diamonds graded Z has a color other than yellow or white and are the rarest and most expensive diamonds in the world. Generally, D-graded diamonds are the most valuable, and X the least.

The cut of the diamond refers to the shape it is cut into and also its reflective quality.

Diamonds are generally cut with 58 facets. The sparkle and brilliance of the diamond generally depends on its cut, its angles, its finish and its ability to reflect light.

The most popular diamond cuts are heart, oval, marquise, princess, pear, trillion, round, and emerald. Common cutting problems include a diamond cut too thin that causes it to lose some of its sparkle, or a missing or off center culet.

The clarity refers to the diamond’s internal and surface imperfections and blemishes. Diamonds that are clear are more brilliant; they are also quite rare and thus highly priced. These flawless diamonds have no internal or external imperfections or blemishes

The, diamond kitty, perfect diamond carries a grade of FL or IF, that is, Flawless or Internally Flawless.

A diamond with a grade of I-1, I-2, diamond, diamond kitty, kitty, or I-3 means that it is imperfect, with I-3 being the worst grade. VVS1 and VVS2 means that the diamond is very very slightly imperfect; VS1 and VS2 diamond is very slightly imperfect; and SI-1 and SI-2 means that the diamond is slightly imperfect.

The unit by which the weight of the diamond is measured by is called the carat. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. A carat is divided into 100 segments called points, with 150 points equal to one and a half carats.

When you purchase a diamond, you must purchase a diamond certificate also known as the Diamond Grading Report. This report is issued by the Gemological Institute of America otherwise known as GIA. With this diamond certificate, you can verify the diamond’s color, cut, clarity and carat. You can buy a diamond with confidence from the diamond dealer as long as the certificate is GIA-issued and not from the dealer. Do not accept certificates from any other institute other than GIA, as GIA has been established as the most trustworthy and respectable.

Review Of The Celine Dion Cd Titled Celine Dion

Author: Clyde Lee Dennis
Source: articledashboard.com

The exceptionally talented Pop artist Celine Dion has released her CD entitled Celine Dion. I am very confident and happy to announce that I believe Celine Dion fans, and Pop fans alike will be pleased with this one. With the release of Celine Dion Celine Dion’s artistic excellence, diamond kitty, is on full display as Dion has once again delivered a brilliant collection of tracks that could very well be her best work to date.

Refreshingly, this was one of those CDs I was able to just pop in and comfortably listen to from beginning to end.

Every track is enjoyable and was pretty easy for me to listen to from start to finish.

One of the refreshingly, diamond kitty, nice things about this CD is the way all of the participating artists seem to be really enjoying themselves. Combine that with the overall presentation and you’ve got one of Celine Dion’s most impressive releases ever.

I’m of the opinion that Celine Dion is certainly Celine Dion’s best work in a few years. A totally enjoyable CD and an outstanding release. What I call must have music.

I give it two thumbs up because it’s a collection that even the casual Pop fan can appreciate and enjoy.

While the entire CD is outstanding some of my favorites are track 1 – Introduction—-Love Can Move Mountains, track 6 – Did You Give Enough Love, and track 13 – Nothing Broken But My Heart

My Bonus Pick, and the one that got Sore [...as in "Stuck On REpeat"] is Track 4 – If You Could See Me Now. Outstanding!

Celine Dion Release Notes:

Celine Dion originally released Celine Dion on March 31, 1992 on the Epic label.

CD Track List Follows:

1, diamond kitty, . Introduction—-Love Can Move Mountains 2. Show Some Emotion 3. If You Asked Me To 4. If You Could See Me Now 5. Halfway To Heaven 6. Did You Give Enough Love 7. If I Were You 8. Beauty And The Beast – (with Peabo Bryson) 9. I Love You, Goodbye 10. Little Bit Of Love 11. Water From The Moon 12. With This Tear 13. Nothing Broken But My Heart

Personnel includes: Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson (vocals); Walter Afanasieff, diamond kitty, (acoustic guitar, keyboards, programming); Michael Landau, Michael Thompson, Bruce Gaitch (guitar); Kenny G.

(soprano saxophone); Dave Koz (saxophone); Israel Baker, Ralph Morrison, Betty Moor (violin); Alan de Veritch, Margot MacLaine, Marilyn Baker (viola); Frederick Seykora (cello); Robert Stone (contrabass); Fred Berry (flugelhorn); Robbie Buchanan (piano); C.J. Vanston (keyboards); Guy Roche (keyboards, synthesizer); Jimmy Johnson (bass); John Robinson (drums); Rafael Padilla (percussion); Claytoven Richardson, Melisa Kary, Vicki Randle, Sandy Griffith, Jeanie Tracy, Jean McLain, Terry Wood, Larry Jacobs, Joely Fisher, Liz Constantine, Joe Diggs, Diane Warren, Kitty Beethoven (background vocals).

Producers:, diamond kitty, Ric Wake, Walter Afanasieff, Humberto Gatica, Guy Roche. Engineers include: Bob Cadway, Dana Jon Chappelle, Guy Roche.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas, Invitations and Supplies

Author: Jillian Gallo
Source: ezinearticles.com

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas need some bright pink party supplies and that includes invitations! This is the perfect party theme for a little girl. Kitty is a popular cartoon character that little girls really enjoy. The color scheme for this party theme is pink and white.

Your party can begin with lots of fun and unique party decorations. You can find Hello Kitty party supplies everywhere. Start off your decorating ideas with a party banner. Set your table with a theme decorated tablecloth and some paper plates, cups and napkins.

You can find a Hello Kitty party pack filled with all the party supplies you need for to 8 party guests. There are even party invitations included. When you buy a pre made party pack you can save money on your party supplies because you are buying in bulk! Set your party table and put a party, diamond kitty, favor beside each plate. You can choose from several Hello Kitty items. There are sticker sheets, bubble necklaces, there is even a pez dispenser in this theme.

Use them, diamond kitty, as a party game prize or a party thank you gift.

Party Cake Ideas

Get a Hello Kitty cake mold or cake topper. You can make your own birthday cake. It’s not hard to do when you use cake decorating tools that make it easy. The cake topper is so easy, all you have to do is place it on top of your homemade frosted cake.

Party Games for Little Girls

Little girls enjoy playing some games when they go to a party, so be sure to plan a few. Pin the Bow on Kitty is a take off on Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

It’s an old party game, but kids really enjoy it. Just get a picture of Kitty and make bows out of construction paper. Have your camera ready as the girls try to pin the bow! Musical chairs is another easy, but fun, kids party game. How about a pull string pinata? There is a pinata with Kitty on it. All you would have to do is buy some candy fillers and put them inside. Let each party guest pull a string and watch as one pulls the special string that opens the pinata and lets the candies spill out.

This is another moment you will want to have your camera ready to take some Hello Kitty, diamond kitty, birthday, diamond kitty, pictures!

Kitty Party Favors

Everyone loves to get a party favor and the Hello Kitty party favor box is filled with lots of goodies. The box is hot pink with purple polka dots, and inside you will find a Kitty blowout, a Kitty sticker sheet, a Kitty ring, 4 butterfly hair clips, cell phone lip gloss plus heart sunglasses. Can you imagine the girl’s faces when they open these fun filled boxes up? And picture how cute they all will look in those heart shaped sunglasses.

They are going to be amazed at this assortment!

Print out some free printable Hello Kitty coloring sheets. Coloring pages are easy to find online and all you need to add is a few crayons. This is a wonderful, and a cheap, party activity…the best part is little girls love to color. Since you are printing them, you can decide how many you want.

Serve each guest a pretty pink and purple swirl lollipop. These girly pops can be found in packs of 16 and they cost about 6.00. This pretty pop will also make a great party thank you gift.

They look pretty spectacular and they are bright, diamond kitty, and colorful, just like this party theme.

When you use fun party ideas you don’t have to worry. Make sure to include some fun games and a party activity and your kids party will sail along smoothly. Let your daughter help you decide on her theme and let her help with the preparations. It will make her feel so grown up and proud that she is able to help you. It will be a very special mom and daughter time for both of you to share.

Find unique party ideas and cheap party supplies at http://www.partyideasparade.com/hello-kitty-party-supplies.html When you are having a kids birthday party, you need all the help you can get. Well, party help is waiting for you at http://www.partyideasparade.com/birthday-party-ideas-for-kids.html Find cupcake decorating ideas, cheap party supplies and fun party game ideas for your next kids theme party.

Bringing Home Your Baby!

Author: Jacqui Odell
Source: articleage.com

Congratulations! You have brought home a new best friend- a bunny! You will find that your new rabbit companion will bring you much joy, though your vaccum cleaner may not necessarily agree!
Some of the first things you will want to do is set up an area for bunny only. I recommend an area that is easy to clean, such as a floor where you can easily sweep debris straight outside, or, designate an old vaccum for your rabbit area only as you will need to clean up every day, or, at the very least, every other day.

Rabbits poop constantly, but luckily, it’s very easy to clean up.
Many people prefer to keep their rabbits outside, however, for this article, I will not focus on that.
When I unexpectedly received my first bunny friend, I hadn’t a clue what to do or how to take care of him. Unfortunately, he was confined in the kids’ bathroom for a few days while I scoured, diamond kitty, the internet in search of information. Thankfully, this time around, I was a quick study and he was soon permitted the run of our home!
If you choose to keep your rabbit indoors, you can do that relatively inexpensively, and still have a “hoppy” bunny! Here is what you will need; you can find these items for a few dollars or a bit more at a WalMart or a pet store:
BOWLS A water dish that won’t tip, preferably, diamond kitty, a clay one.

Unless you are going to be keeping your bunny in a small cage, you do not need a drip spout water container. Rabbits can drink just like other animals. One or two food dishes which won’t tip over, again, heavy, of the clay or similiar type.
LITTER BOX: You can buy a regular cat box, but do not buy cat litter as it is dangerous if ingested or breathed by bunnies! Hay is an excellent choice. Other types of litter to use are derived from alfalfa, oat, citrus or just plain old paper, though paper will do nothing to take care of the strong urine smell of a bunny.

As rabbits are very clean animals, it’s very important to clean their areas often. It’s also important that, once you have arranged their area, to leave it ‘as is’ as much as, diamond kitty, possible, as rabbits are creatures of habit and like their areas just so.
FOOD: HAY! Hay is very important to a bunnies’ diet! Rabbits are vegans, and therefore must have grass, hay, some fruits and veggies. If you are going to a farmer for hay, you want the square bale hay, not the round bale. The round bale is ‘junk’ hay- the type cows eat.

Rabbits’ digestive systems cannot handle that type of hay. You also do not want to offer straw. A moderate amount of pellets are okay as well, unless you happen to have an underweight bunny. They adore carrots, apples, pears, timothy grass. Limit cabbage and lettuce as this can give a rabbit diarrhea.
What we did was have a bag of carrots, pellets, (dried, processed rabbit food), timothy grass and apples always on hand for our rabbit. We let him outside in a roomy cage during the day to eat plenty of fresh grass, clover and some pellets, and at night we gave him free access to pellets, timothy grass, a bit of apple, carrots and pears.

WATER: Rabbits drink A LOT! Always provide fresh water. We have two dogs and two cats, so we change our water several tmes a day. Change your rabbits’ water at least two or three times daily. They all drank from the same bowls, so I wash the bowls every day as well.
SLEEP: Rabbits are nocturnal, meaning, they are active in the early morning, diamond kitty, and evening hours. They will find somewhere to sleep during the day. My rabbit usually slept under my bed. However, this is not encouraged because rabbits tend to dribble quite often and it’s hard to get under a bed every day to clean up rabbit poop! This is a good time to put the rabbit in its’ own private spot.

Rabbits love to hide, so a small doghouse, a box with windows cut out, or even a chair with a big sheet or a blanket covering it are all good places for a rabbit to hide out and feel secure.
TOYS AND CHEW-THINGS: Rabbits not only love to chew, but they must as well. Their teeth continue to grow, so they must, diamond kitty, always have something to chew. Good choices, of course, are carrots, fruits, untreated wicker, pine cones, cardboard, and twigs. If you do allow your bunny to have free run of your home, you must bunny proof, which is akin to baby-proofing, as your bunny will chew everything- wires, furniture, and a lot more.

Choose cardboard, baby toys (laugh as they throw these and kitty toys!), phone books, balls of any size. Give too many toys, not too few. If you give too few toys or activities, you will soon find your baseboards, sweaters, wires, furniture, shoes and other things chewed!
Now that you have the basics, settle in for a few days with your new bunny! Keep your bunny in a designated spot for those few days as he or she learns to use the litter box, learns where his or her food is and just learns that you are a friend.

One last thing: Be careful when picking up your bunny- he or she is not a kitten or a puppy! Rabbits are very shy and easily scared creatures, and they are animals of prey, so when you pick them up, let them know you are there, and pick them up from their sides, and carefully- NEVER by their ears, and never from behind as you will startle them and find yourself with some nasty scratches. Earn their trust. If at first, your bunny will not allow you to hold him or her, don’t fret. I will address that issue in another article, as well as a favorite rabbit issue of mine, called grooming.

If your rabbit does approach you in the meantime, talk to him or her softly, scratch him or her behind the ears, under the chin, on the back jaw and on the top of the head.
This article has been submitted in affiliation with http://www.PetLovers.Com/ which is a site for Pet Forums.

New Diamonds For The New Generation

Author: Ranju Kumar
Source: articlemarketer.com

Everyone knows the fabulous grandeur of diamonds. Everyone wants diamonds, because of the elegance it possesses and the beauty that it has got. Diamonds are very rare and can be very expensive since it takes a long time to get and to process. It is also very precious because of its quality and its antiquity.

In Mohs scale, diamond kitty, of mineral hardness, the diamond scores a perfect 10, means it is very resistant to scratches. It is the hardest natural material known.

It can even cut through glass. Its existence is also very old. Diamonds are as young as 1 billion years old and can be as old as more, diamond kitty, than 3 billion years old! This is what makes diamonds very precious, antiquity and quality. It also has various colors to choose from, the most common translucent crystal one, up to violet and pink. A diamond is a very precious gem indeed.

There are also manmade diamonds aside from the expensive natural ones. Due to the rapid growth of human, diamond kitty, civilization, diamonds are also now possible to be made by man.

Laboratories are now able to manufacture diamonds that are not natural diamonds! Scientists use diamond simulants and synthetic diamonds that, diamond kitty, are lab produced but are far cheaper than real diamond.

With the growing industry of diamond trade, the demand for materials has drastically increased. To establish equilibrium, there had been a lot of artificial or synthetic materials used for diamonds. Aside from artificial simulants, there are also the natural ones. Artificial simulants often include silicon carbide and white sapphires.

The natural simulants are beryl, quartz and topaz which have above average hardness rates and low refractive indexes.

An example of a man made diamond is the new Star Hybrid simulated diamond, which has better hardness and has the same quality and clarity as real diamonds. Aside from the Star Hybrid, there are also a lot of simulated or manmade diamonds that are for sale. These diamonds are also finely cut like other diamonds and possess the same splendor that the diamond must have. Do note that man made diamonds are not fake diamonds, instead they are laboratory formulated and are considered as true diamonds.

Lab created diamonds are far cheaper than the real ones but still have the shine, the sparkle, the elegance, the majesty and, diamond kitty, the appeal of real diamonds that are attainable at a lower price. New methods of diamond making have led humans to have these types of synthetic diamonds.

Diamonds really have unmatchable opulence compared to other gemstones. It has the best hardness, the best glamour and probably is the best kind of gemstone that has ever existed on Earth. Since it takes billions of years to form, humans have developed new ways of making synthetic diamonds that look the same and feel the same.

http://www.SonaDiamondJewelry.com is a leading online destination for man made diamonds and all kinds of diamond jewelry. Pick and choose from the selection of striking Man Made Diamonds and other kinds of diamond jewelry for your wedding and be ready to wear it off.

Watch For The Four C’s When Buying Diamonds

Author: Lisov Eugen
Source: articledashboard.com

Of all the precious stones in the world, the diamond is certainly the most popular. You’ve seen it worn by royalties and celebrities, but it’s also available to every me and you.

Its toughness and beauty have been known and praised since ancient times. The actual word “diamond” comes from the old Greek “adamas”, which means “unconquerable”.

The decision to purchase a diamond is a rather important one. To the Romans, diamonds were falling stars that tipped the arrow of Eros, the God of love. This meant that those who wore, <a href=”http://www.

diamond-kitty.net”>diamond kitty, them would be filled with love and spread feelings of happiness around them.

Whether or not the belief was based on real facts, diamonds seem to have some form of energy around them, and you should pay special attention when choosing one.

The Four C’s

Assessing the Four C’s is a method that helps us see the true value of a stone we’re about to purchase. Used mainly by professional jewelers, it’s still very simple to be applied even by an untrained eye.

So What Are The Four C’s?

They are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.

The Cut…

… is considered by many jewelers as the most important of a diamond’s properties.

Depending on how well it is made, it determines how well it reflects light. Professionals strive to make the cut as precise as geometrically possible so, diamond kitty, that it will reflect more light. If the cut is too shallow, light escapes out the sides and the diamond loses brilliance. If the cut is too deep, light is lost out the bottom and the diamond appears dark or dull.

Therefore, a bright shining diamond, with a symmetrical appearance is a definite sign that the cut is of high quality.


Despite the common belief, not all diamonds are white or colorless. In fact, most diamonds you will find have slight tones of yellow, brown or blue.

There is an actual scale you can use to get a beautiful diamond at a reasonable price. It covers all leathers from D to Z.

D to F are colorless diamonds. These are the rarest and of course, the most expensive, diamond kitty, .

Unless you have a huge pocket, look for stones in the range of…

G to I. These ones offer excellent value and they have a light blue, diamond kitty, color.

Stones graded above K can still be lovely if they have a great Cut and …


… refers to the number of imperfections in the stone. Absolutely perfect diamonds are extremely rare.

So the value of the crystal is deeply influenced by the number of “Inclusions” or “Blemishes”.

There is also a more complicated scale to rate the perfection of a Diamond, but I won’t bore you with it.

Just watch for diamonds rated “I”, which have imperfections that may be visible with the naked eye. The other grades aren’t important because when mounted in jewelry, the slight imperfections become invisible.


This is generally the only property people follow when purchasing diamonds.

The carat is the measurement unit for a diamond’s weight. One carat weighs 200 miligrams, or 1/5 of a gram, diamond kitty, . Each carat is divided into 100 points.

The bigger the crystal, the more carats is has and the bigger the price.

Don’t be tempted to say the bigger the better. Ultimately, you want a diamond that has a balance between the Four C’s.

With this kind of knowledge, you are now ready to start searching for the greatest gift you could ever think of. So wait no longer. I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the jewel you’ll choose.

Hello Kitty – She Has No Mouth But Speaks Japanese And English

Author: Jim Olivero SMS
Source: articledashboard.com

If you’ve never heard, seen or worn “Hello Kitty”, you may have been, diamond kitty, living in a cave over the past decade. When Hello Kitty first appeared in 1974 she did not even have a name. Hello Kitty was this cute little cat that was almost always shown simply sitting down with a little red boy over her left ear. But exactly who is this adorable, mouth-less “kitty” that has captured the hearts and minds of so many adoring fans?

Popularized in the 1990s when celebrities used this beloved cat in their own fashion merchandise, Hello Kitty has taken the world, diamond kitty, by storm.

Hello Kitty is known as being one of the most well-known and popular characters. In this fictional world Hello Kitty lives with her family which includes her Mama, Papa, and twin sister Mimmy. She has a boyfriend named Dear Daniel. She also has Cathy, Cinnamoroll, Chococat, ChiChai Monchan, Chibimaru, Badtz Maru, Deery Lou, Tippy the Bear, Jodie the Dog, Tiny Chum the Bear, Joey the Mouse, Tim and Tammy the Monkeys, Rory the Squirrel, Tracey the Racoon, Mori the Seal, Fifi the Sheep, and her own pet Charmmy Kitty.

When Hello Kitty was first introduced she became extremely popular among Japanese school girls, and eventually made her way to Britain as well as America. Hello, diamond kitty, Kitty fans of all ages were happily buying up all sorts of Hello Kitty products. Today, Hello Kitty is a fashion diva and feline of cute sold in 40 countries with her face on 20,000 different products.

Hello Kitty is so popular that they have even made her the star of her very own animated TV series in both Japan and America.

On top of that, she plays the main role in the Hello Kitty Animation Theatre which features popular remakes of classic fairy tales. Hello Kitty products are featured on a diverse line of goods and products such as Hello Kitty book bags, Hello Kitty bedding, and the much sought-after Hello Kitty digital camera. With goods ranging from soft, plushy animal toys up to purses, digital cameras, diamond kitty, and clothing, the Hello Kitty brand has become a logo recognized around the world. Further increasing the popularity of Hello Kitty products are the photos of famous celebrities sporting Hello Kitty products; even a Hello Kitty credit card.

Today Hello Kitty Merchandise stocks the shelves of nearly all American department stores and the Hello Kitty character has even been featured in advertising campaigns buy retail giants like Target in the US. Products such as Hello Kitty bedding, the Hello Kitty wrist watch line, and the much sought-after Hello Kitty digital camera are just a few of the plethora of goods offered in a Hello Kitty version.

Females are by far the largest market for Hello Kitty products. And at times it seems their appetite, diamond kitty, for Hello Kitty products is insatiable.

There’s a new Hello Kitty Robot, for example, equipped with both face and voice recognition, and the ability to dance around while talking to its owner. And let’s not forget the newly-released Hello Kitty debit card.